The Mirror In The Attic

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WALT:write a “moment in time” piece of writing.

The Mirror In The Attic

The girl kneels carefully in front of the mirror curious about what might happen. She wonders why there is a lovely rectangular mirror in the attic and as it in perfect condition why is it not being used.

She sees herself in front of the mirror wondering how it is so clean. You would think it would be covered in dust because the whole attic is and the mirror is clean.

She can hear the creak of the wooden floor. It is very scary being up there alone with a mirror. I wonder what it would be like up there in the attic by herself, with lots of dust around her and a sparkling clean mirror.

She can smell lots of dust from the whole attic but at the same time she smells water. I wonder what it is from is it her breath where the water is coming from, she must be creeped out.
She touches the mirror it feels like water, that is the smell but how is it water. There are even ripples it is like what happens when you drop a rock in the sea.

She could taste the dust in her mouth while tasting her lunch she’d just eaten, but she can taste water as well. She hasn't had any water in the past 30 minutes, maybe it was the mirror, she became scared and then she leaves.

The girl comes back with her mum and tells her about everything. She asks her mum to touch it but nothing happens, how, it is impossible it's so weird her mum tells her she's weird and they both leave.

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