Moment in Time Writing Term 2 2017

Moment in Time Writing Term 2 Week 4

WALT write "a moment in time" piece of writing.
Specific goals (Please highlight yours)
  • I can support my ideas with detail  (Ideas)
  • I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary)
  • I can use language that is suitable to the topic, audience and purpose. (Structure & Language)

I am walking down the beach looking at the sea crashing over the boulders. There are rocks out in the salty wet sea. It is so satisfying looking out in the beach with all the sand everywhere.  Crash!!! A boulder comes flying down right in front of me.

I can see a boulder about to hatch with cracks all over it. Standing here wondering if there is goo or slime or rocks inside the boulders. I am waiting for it to burst open when a giant wave crashes over me.

I can hear the boulder cracking and cracking wondering what pops out of it or what could pop out when suddenly, more come flying down Boom!! Crash!!
More and more what are these. All I can see are boulders crashing down in front of me.

I can smell The salty sea water blowing to me and some goo which i think is coming from the boulders. I can smell the salty rotting seaweed underneath my feet EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! What is wrong with this seaweed?

I can feel the tickling sand underneath my feet as well as the disgusting rotten seaweed that is soooooo salty!! The boulder keeps cracking open there are about a million cracks on it now. It is so cool watching it crack and crack.

I can taste salty water in my mouth from swimming as well as the seaweed that is stuck to the boulders. They crack every second now that it is open so much. There is another boulder it landed right on top of the one in front of me.

It landed directly on the boulder Boom! The bottom one cracks open it spurts out disgusting green goo eww I ring my mum she comes down to pick me up we both leave the beach with a photo of everything.


My reflection on writing this week: I think I have done really well on this writing because I put lots and lots of effort and detail into this.
I have worked towards achieving my goals by: Using up my time at school and a little at home by working hard and trying to use good ideas from myself and put them into lots of detail.

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