2017 Athletics Reflection

Yesterday we had athletics. Firstly we had Discus, Secondly we had high jump, Thirdly we had Sprints and Lastly we had shot put.

In Discus I Went 4th to last and threw it to be in the lead by a long way. On my next throw I threw it further to extend the lead.

Next was high jump where we started at 0.95 metres which I easily cleared. Next we went to 1.05 metres and I cleared that as well. Next we went to 1.15 metres I think and I cleared that at that ended two people going for first me and William. The bar went to 1.20 metres and William jumped first and he missed. Next I jumped and missed. Then william jumped over it but knocked it off with his hand and missed. Then it was my turn and if I got over I won. I went full pace at the bar and jumped over it the bar stayed on and I won.

Soon after was sprints where I got 1st in my heat and then I went to the finals where I nearly got second but when we looked at the video my head was third.

Shot put was next where I went up had my throw. Carter got 1st William got 2nd and Ryder got 3rd.

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