Jack Simpson's Journal

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

17 May 1915

This morning I was relieved that I had saved thirteen

people and survived.  At 5am there was lots of shooting

and we got lots of soldiers to the hospital tent but most

were very badly injured so they died.  We had to get

them back to the beach so they could go to the hospital.

At night we sleep on the ground.  It is not comfortable at

all.  In the night I woke up a lot because it was raining so

I walked down the hill to check on Duffy.  He was all

right but he looked very tired so I gave him some food

so he could get back to sleep.  I went back to where my

stuff was and kept trying  to get back to sleep.

I am sick of the smell of blood and sweaty bodies and of

the taste of bully beef.  I’m tired of being a stretcher

bearer every day.  I hope I survive this war.


  1. I liked the sentence where you gave Duffy some food. It must be great having a donkey to help with the wounded.
    From Room 12

  2. I like the part when you saved thirteen people

  3. i liked how you said that you are sick of being a stretcher bearer.

  4. i like your sentence when you are geting up at 5.am and saving people

  5. Great job baxter I really liked the way you ended your story

  6. Ilike the part how you say i hope i survive this war

  7. Great job. I really like the way you ended your story.From Caleb